Gunung Ledang Waterfall

Puteri Gunung Ledang Waterfall in Johor is a relaxing bathing location for visitors. To reach the Puteri waterfall, you have to climb a little in 300m only.

According to legend, Kolam Puteri (Puteri Waterfall) is said to be the place where Puteri Gunung Ledang takes a bath when the moon appears. According to an old man, he recounted his princess habit of coming down during the spring. Where at that time, you can see the area with flowering trees and if at that time it is a floating moon, then for the lucky ones have the opportunity to see the princess of Gunung Ledang and her maids bathing here.

Location: Air Terjun Kolam Puteri, Gunung Ledang
Elevation: 1,276 meters
Mountain range: Titiwangsa Mountains

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