Gunung Pulai 1

For those of you who love nature and want to see the greenery of nature, Gunung Pulai Forest Recreational Park is certainly popular for those of you who want peace and harmony. Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest is a popular tourist destination among locals and tourists visiting Kulai because it offers a variety of interesting activities. Among the main attractions here is a waterfall with a wide pool for bathing.

The waterfall here is very cool and quite refreshing. Even the banks of the river are also shady and comfortable, suitable for you to have a picnic and berbabe while playing in the water with your family. If you are the type that likes extreme activities, you can climb the mountain in this recreational forest through the prepared tar road tracks.

The view from the top of Gunung Pulai is very beautiful and cannot be described in words. If you are on vacation in Kulai, don’t forget to include Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest as one of the tourist destinations for you to visit.

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