Innovative Heritage Charm at B5 Johor Street Market

Emulating Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, B5 aims to be the one-stop for all kinds of things from Johor

B5 Johor Street Market – just as the name suggests is a street-concept market/mall of 56,475 sq. ft facing Angsana Johor Bahru Mall in Tampoi under Johor Corporation through its Property Division, Johor Land Berhad (JLand) and Damansara Assets Sdn Bhd (DASB). The name ‘B5’ is a catchy version that is derived by its location, ‘Batu 5’ or ‘5th mile’ as it was once popularly referred to by the older generation.

Emulating Melbourne’s popular Queen Victoria Market, the street market is aiming to be a centralised retail tourism centre where tourists could find everything Johor under one roof. There are retail bazaars comprising of permanent and periodic tenants, food and beverages dishing out popular Malaysian food with a main highlight on Johor cuisine, food trucks to entice different spheres of food lovers, Box Park, and a centre stage to promote arts and culture through performances to busking and handicrafts for souvenirs.

219 shops with occupancy rate of 85% are ready prior to its opening for the public on 20th February 2020, with a grand launching ceremony set to take place on 22nd February 2020, to gather more people to get a feel of the place and see what’s in store.

Innovative Heritage Charm at B5 Johor Street Market
Look out for photography points scattered around the area for that Insta-worthy picture

The overall design and ambience is based on the characteristics of Johor’s heritage and charm that will bring back the old Johor nostalgia. The heritage concept could be seen as part of the interior and there are several nostalgia-invoking designs that visitors could catch as they stroll through the roofed part of the mall. The open air space has a stage facing the exhibition area and children could join in the fun of old school hopscotch game and ‘galah panjang’ that are already painted on the ground.

B5 Johor Street Market is open every day from 10am to 10pm but keep stopping by as there are more that is yet to come

Credit to: The Iskandarian