JTI Collaboration with TM ONE and Huawei Malaysia

5 April 2022 – Johor Tourism Interchange (JTI) -Tourism Johor has signed an agreement with TM One to empower its digital transformation. TM One will provide cloud services through Alpha Edge (α Edge) that enable the JTI platform and other components such as applications, storage, and infrastructure to function smoothly. TM One is also working with technology partner, Huawei Malaysia, to build other JTI applications for future use. TM One was represented by Mohamed Faisal Naina Mohamed, Vice President of TM One Government Sales Sector.

Thank you TM ONE and Huawei Malaysia for their support in helping to transform the Johor tourism industry towards targeted digitization. Through the empowerment of the JTI application, Tourism Johor will continue to be the driving force in making Johor a major tourism destination in the region.

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