Kluang Rail Coffee

This coffee shop is famous throughout the country for its coffee drinks and charcoal-grilled toast, toasted sandwiches made with butter and eggs, with jam called “Rich”

BEGINNING as a canteen for British soldiers, the famous Kluang Rail Coffee in this Johor district, which has been operating for the past 78 years.
Its main menu, which is also a traditional menu, is Kluang Coffee and rich toast made using its own recipe.
Kluang Rail Coffee started in 1938 when Ben Winn’s ancestor, namely Lim Luan Hee together with his grandfather, Lim Heng Yong accepted an offer to open a canteen to provide food for British soldiers at Kluang Railway Station which is also the main Malaysia-Singapore railway line.
At that time, development had begun to focus on the city of Kluang which became a strategic stopover location that was also close to military camps, post offices and the offices of the Central Electricity Board (now known as Tenaga Nasional Berhad).

Are you a coffee lover? The taste and aroma always keep you fresh and vibrant.

Johor had several of best local brews that you may crave for it such as Kopi 434 (Muar), Kluang Coffee Television Brand (Kluang), & Kluang Rail Coffee (Kluang). Don’t worry, you will not be disappointed.

πŸ“ 121, Jalan Maharani, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia – Kopi 434 (Muar)

πŸ“ Jalan Besar, Kampung Yap Tau Sah – Kluang Coffee Television Brand (Kluang)

πŸ“ KTM Jalan Station, 86000 Kluang – Kluang Rail Coffee (Kluang)

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