Legoland Resort Hotel

Let’s have a vacation at the Legoland Malaysia Resort Hotel which will surely make the children feel excited and happy because the interior decoration of the room is filled with Lego theme.

There are 4 types of room themes available including Kingdom Theme, Pirate Themed, Adventure Themed and Ninjago Themed.

Something interesting for children, there is a treasure in each room which is ‘Treasure Chest’ to solve and find it. This is one of the very interesting activities if you stay at the Legoland Malaysia Resort Hotel.

Book now so you can spend time with the kids here later.

No 7 Jalan LEGOLAND, Bandar Medini Iskandar Malaysia, 79250 Johor Bahru

🚗 [WAZE] Legoland Resort

☎ 07-597 8888



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