Makam Laksamana Bentan

Admiral Bentan’s tomb is located in Kelantan Village and close to the Kemang River Bank in Kota Tinggi District. The journey to this Tomb is only two km away from the city of Kota Tinggi. It is believed that Megat Seri Rama, also known as Laksamana Bentan, a distinguished Malay warrior and his wife Dang Anum, were buried here.

Admiral Bentan’s real name is Megat Seri Rama from Bentan Sumatra and served as the Navy Commander of Sultan Mahmud Shah II (1685-1699). Megat Seri Rama stabbed Sultan Mahmud when he was on his way to the mosque for Friday prayers. This is due to his revenge against the actions of the Sultan who had sentenced his wife to death in his absence defending the state from enemy attacks. Dang Anum, who was pregnant, was sentenced to death because she was accused of eating a piece of jackfruit taken from the Royal restricted area.

Nevertheless, the Sultan managed to stab Megat Seri Rama in return and made an oath that “The people of Bentan will vomit blood if they visit the land of Kota Tinggi for seven generations”. This event is known as ‘Sultan Mahmud Dijulang’.
The arrangement of large-sized bricks used to build the wall of this tomb is believed to be a defensive city during the past Malay sultanate. The position on the high bank of the Johor River is very suitable for use as a place to rest and watch for the arrival of the enemy.

📍 Makam Laksamana Bentan, Kota Tinggi