Masjid Bandar Mersing

Take the opportunity if you visit Mersing City to visit the iconic building that is the pride of the people of Mersing District.

Video: @tourismjohor (Facebook)

Jamek Bandar Mersing Mosque is located on Bukit Timbalan, in the middle of Mersing City and is located at a height of about 80 meters above sea level.
From a distance, if you drive on the main road around Bandar Mersing, your eyes will surely catch sight of this magnificent mosque on top of the hill.
For information, the mosque was originally built in 1956 and was completed and inaugurated on 27 September 1957 (The First Year of Malaysian Independence).
Now, the mosque which was previously in the renovation process, has been fully completed. What is interesting is the dome which before being modified, was blue and has been changed to a golden color.