Museum Bugis

The Bugis Museum was established in 1982 by its owner Mr. Abdullah Bin Ahmad. Here you can witness the culture and customs of the Bugis community. Various types of historical artifacts of the Bugis community are found here. Among them are old weapons, traditional Bugis clothing, history and ornaments of the Bugis community.

This museum has been built by local residents who are interested in keeping various historical collections related to the Malays, especially the Bugis. For your information, this museum has several collections of art and cultural heritage of the Bugis in Pontian as well as history and information related to the Bugis in Pontian. In addition, you can also learn about the history and lineage of the Bugis community and can see a variety of artifacts and items such as war equipment, daily equipment and so on.

There is no entry fee but you can make a generous donation.

Address: Taman Rekreasi Sungai Rambah, Rimba Terjun, Pontian

Contact: 017-7633244

Social Media: Facebook