“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
-Gustave Flaubert-

When it comes to social media, everyone loves to post pretty things. Hence, the term, Instagram-worthy.

The 4th spot on our list is Putuo Village, in Kulai, Johor. Putuo Village is a holy trinity Buddhist temple consisting of KuanYin Hall, Tibetan Prayer Wheels Corridor and a few others. Upon stepping foot into this village, you’ll notice the serenity and peace that overwhelms you. In addition, the Bamboo Groves is a spot for real good pictures. So, right after you carry out some religious practices here, unwind by having a stroll around and leave some picture-perfect memories in your phones.

Pulau Kukup (Johor) National Park was established in 1997 to protect one of the largest mangrove islands in the world. This unique island that spans 647 ha is an important refuge for many mangrove-associated plants and animals; a number of which are considered to be rare or threatened species. The park’s boardwalks, viewing platforms and informative signage make it the perfect place to observe and uncover the web of life within this unique interface between land and sea.

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