River cruise is Pontian’s latest eco-agro tourism attraction

PONTIAN – Pulai Sebatang Fishing Community (MyKP) here took the initiative to get involved in eco-agro tourism activities by offering several tour packages.

Chairman of MyKP Pulai Sebatang, Ismail Hassan said, the package offered is a River Cruise down the Pulai Sebatang River for a distance of 2 kilometers and the My Kerang package to see the livestock.

He said the development at Kampung Pulai Sebatang fishing jetty was complemented by the construction of a food stall, surau, toilet and jetty at a cost of RM300,000 under the Pontian District Office.

According to Ismail, with the availability of the facility, MyKP Pulai Sebatang believes that there should be support activities to ensure that the project provides benefits to all including the outside community.

“Give birth to the package down the river under the mangrove trees, in addition to seeing some other animals such as monkeys, sloths, birds, in addition to snails, slugs and so on,

“The twisting course of the Pulai Sebatang river reminds us of the Kinabatangan River in Sabah which is popular among foreign tourists,” he said when met here recently.

Ismail added that for the My Kerang package, it features the activity of raking clams in the sea of Pulai Sebatang, cleaning the clams manually, in addition to learning about the animals and habitats available.

“The clam raking activity is the main source of income for about 25 fishermen based here and it is certainly interesting to share with visitors,” he said.

He said, the Sungai Pulai Sebatang area is also rich in various species of birds such as bald eagles, seagulls, herons and so on which are also an attraction for fans.

According to Ismail, there are 18 boats that operate carrying tourists for a certain fee starting only on weekends at the moment.

“Discussions are also being conducted with various parties including travel agents in Johor Bahru and Singapore to enable them to bring visitors to Pulai Sebatang,” he said.

Ismail told, some other facilities in his party’s planning such as an open hall to enable briefings to be delivered to visitors, especially among school students.

“We are also planning to provide shellfish-based food as the main menu whether cooked, boiled or grilled for the public to taste its freshness,” he said.