Takah Pengkoi Treehouse & Waterfall
Dataran Segamat
Recreational Forest Sungai Bantang

Segamat Background

It is said that the name of Segamat came from the expression ‘Segar amat!’ meaning ‘Very fresh!’, which Bendahara Tepok exclaimed as he and his troops rested and drank from the river during their retreat from Johor. This would have been around 1511, after the fall of Malacca to the invading Portuguese led by Afonso de Albuquerque.

Segamat is a town and district located in the north of state of Johore in Malaysia, bordering two other states of Malaysia. It is located roughly 172 km from johor Bahru, the capital city of Johore State. It is 95 km travel  distance via North-South Expressway from Johor Bahru to Yong Peng.

Strategically situated between KL and Singapore, Segamat is a fast-growing agricultural oil palm and rubber district, famous for its delicious duriams, and the recent slogan used to attract tourists.

Somewhere around Bekok, Johor, there’s an ever so calming waterfall that’s hidden in a camping site called Takah Pengkoi. And although this camping site is far away from any network connection, people keep on coming back. Thanks to the natives that have been guarding it for decades, the magnificent waterfall remained unscathed. They even built 35-foot-high tree houses out of only woods and branches to preserve the nature surrounding it.


Makam Bendahara Tepok

Pusat Rekreasi Kolam Air Panas Labis, Kampung Tenang

Air Terjun Jeram Tinggi


Visitors to Johor Bahru can travel to different places within the city by using its extensive bus service network. The buses have destination boards and mostly operate from Larkin Central or the main bus stops in the city centre opposite of City Square (a shopping mall linked to the Malaysian Customs). The fares for the majority of the buses are relatively cheap and they also cater to travellers who are heading to the outskirts of Johor.

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