The Best Pisang Goreng you can taste in Johor Bahru

It’s not from Johor that if you eat fried bananas you don’t get sambal soy sauce! In the evenings like this, hot fried bananas are delicious, right? Let’s stop by Pisang Goreng Mawar which now has a new look, located in front of the Johor Bahru City Square (Jam Besar).
For those of you who have completed the vaccine, you can eat here or those who have not completed can take it home. Good afternoon everyone!

Photo: @tourismjohor (Facebook)

Many Malaysians are addicted to Pisang Goreng because Pisang Goreng is one of the best snacks to be eaten during all meals, be it breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner, Pisang Goreng just goes well with all occasions and time especially with a great glass of Kopi or Teh Tarik Kaw! A serving of pisang goreng is always encouraged, whether you like it plain, with toppings or a gush of cheese. Finding these little treasures is not simple, of course, as there are quite a few unknown roadside stalls to be referenced or discovered on the internet.

Pisang Goreng Mawar is unparalleled in terms of success. Being one of the most chased-after places for pisang goreng in Johor, it is no wonder that when they are at the peak, the friendly owners have little or no rest. Frying their deliciously crispy, smooth and humid pisang goreng signature. It also comes with an extraordinarily distinctive but sinfully delicious side of spicy dipping sauce. A term of warning is not advised to order just one packet.

📍 Pisang Goreng Mawar

🚩 Facing Johor Bahru City Square (Big Clock)

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Credit: JB2SG