This Abandoned Jetty In Johor Makes The Perfect Backdrop For Instagram

When it comes to social media, everyone loves to post pretty things. Hence, the term, Instagram-worthy. Over the years, it seems like everyone is constantly on the quest to search for pretty-looking things to post on our accounts. And, if you’re still on the lookout, then we got you covered. Because this spot in Johor has the relics of an ancient jetty, making it ideal for a photo or two. Behold, it’s the jetty located at Sungai Rengit, Johor.

From Ancient Relic To Insta-Worthy Spot At Sungai Rengit Jetty, Johor

For a majority of us, there are countless gems waiting to be unraveled right here in Johor. It’s also without a doubt that there are plenty of IG-worthy spots that make the perfect IG backdrop. However, today, we’re only gonna be looking at one spot in particular that oozes with historical vibes, that is Sungai Rengit.

Photo: @pinkyfootprint (Instagram)
Photo: @pinkyfootprint (Instagram)

Sungai Rengit is a town located in Kota Tinggi, Johor, and essentially consists of fishing villages. It’s an ideal spot for seafood lovers over a quick weekend trip. Did you guys know that over at Sungai Rengit, there’s actually an abandoned jetty?

In fact, it is now a red spot for some Instagram-worthy photos.  This spot boasts several steel pillars that are the remnants of an old, abandoned jetty. The entire spot is filled with strong cultural vibes so if you’re a fan of ancient relics, then you may wanna drop by here for a bit.

Photo: @faisalabdrahim (Instagram)

Pose While You’re There!

To locate this hidden gem, it’s simple as it is directly opposite of the Guan Yin Temple. Of course, couple this ancient remaining piece with the azure blue waters, it’s a spot that will make you automatically flip your phone out. Have you visited this place? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: @faisalabdrahim (Instagram)

Credit to: Thexeilia Yeap