This Farm In Johor Lets You Pet Zoo Animals And Take Part In Fun-Filled Activities

Here’s an activity idea for you and your kids this upcoming school holiday. Especially when you need to get away from it all, there’s nothing like taking some time to head out to the country and experience life at a slower pace on a local farm. Keep reading as we’re about to introduce to you guys this really fun place, the Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm! You may never want to go back to the city again.

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm In Pontian, Johor

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
Photo: @Kebudayaan, Kesenian & Pelancongan Daerah Pontian (Facebook)

Firstly, Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm is an eco-farm where you can get close to nature and animals. Moreover, there are plenty of fun things to do here that will make you forget about what’s going on in the city. Curious to find out the activities and programs this place provides? Keep scrolling along!

There’s so much to discover and learn at Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm. Even just a day spent here will set you off to an adventure filled with learning about the plantation,  playing with petting zoo animals, hands-on activities and more!

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
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Let’s talk about all the exciting activities that you can enjoy at Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm. You’re absolutely free to spend your day by joining the tour. But, if you’re more of a person who prefers going along with the program and workshop they provided, you can do that too.

Take An Educational Tour On The Truck

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
Photo: @sritanjungleisurefarm (Facebook)

Upon your arrival of the farm, you can take a truck and tour around the farm. Along the way, you will see oil plantation and some other animals. The tour guide will explain everything to you. So prepare yourselves for some educational information.

Approach and Have Close Contact with The Sheep!

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
Photo: @janeyapchueijen (Instagram)
Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
Photo: @alvinchan83 (Instagram)

Are you ready to feed the sheep? You’ll definitely be having fun doing it. The tour guide will tell you the procedure and process of the sheep. Moreover, you will get a chance to see the milking process of the sheep when you come early at the Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm. Sounds exciting right?

Playing With Mini Zoo Animals!

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
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Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
Photo: @zyun98 (Instagram)

The highlight of the Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm is definitely their mini zoo. The mini zoo is perfectly formed as houses for many animals including horses, goats, deers, swans, ostriches and many more. Besides, the farm also provides food for deers! The visitors can feed the deer and this is an absolutely fun activity for the kids.

Have a Taste of Their Fresh Seasonal Fruits!

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm
Photo: @sritanjungleisurefarm (Facebook)

You should not miss their home-produced fresh seasonal fruits. Experience their tastiest durian, pineapple, jackfruit and many more. The perfect way to end the day at the farm. Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm is an alternative way of bonding with your family.

Address: J109, Parit Bugis, Pontian, Johor

Operation Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM (Closed on Wednesday)

Social Media: Facebook

Phone No: 012-701 3755

Credit to : Nurafiqah

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