This Stunning National Park In Johor Is Perfect For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

With countless things to see and do in Malaysia, there is definitely no shortage of exciting outdoor activities in Johor. If you’re planning to experience the best of Malaysia’s oldest national park within a span of a weekend, stick around because we’re about to show you plenty of activities you can discover here!

National Park Endau Rompin Selai in Bekok, Johor!

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Situated in Bekok, let the sweeping view of forest captivate you at National Park Endau Rompin Selai, which geographically covers the northeast of Johor and south of Pahang. Just a 2-hour drive from Johor Bahru, this place ranks high on every nature lover’s list as one of the most adventurous parks in Malaysia.

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Additionally, if you’re looking for an adventure outdoor activities in Johor that strike serene nature, this is it. Moreover, there are many things to do in Endau-Rompin National Park Selai including water tubing along the Endau and Rompin rivers, enjoying a trekking and refreshing swim at Takah Pandan and Berangin waterfalls, camping in the national park and more!

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There are 2 types of rooms with high ceilings, full-length shutter windows, fluffy king-sized beds, and bathrooms. There’s something to suit every kind of party – from families and couples to even a group of friends. In addition, while you can look forward to the unique charm and activities, one thing you need to remember: you must always carry the entry permit with you because you might be asked to present it to the nature guide from time to time.

Photo: @johornationalparks (Instagram)
Photo: @johornationalparks (Instagram)

Have A Tranquil Weekend!

If you’re planning to spend a night camping at National Park Endau Rompin Selai, you’re required to pay an overnight fee, and allowed to bring your own camping gear. So, if you’re looking to fuel your wanderlust, it’s time to start planning ahead for your weekend activities and book a package at Johor National Park!

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Where To Get A Permit:

Endau Rompin National Park (Selai) Office: 8, Jalan Satria 1, Taman Berjaya, 86500 Bekok, Segamat, Johor  Contact No: +607-922 2875
Visitor Registration Hours: 8:00am – 3:00pm

Address: Kampung Bekok, 85400 Bekok, Johor

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